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The Many Writings of K. A. Jones

1 September
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  • kajones_writing@livejournal.com
Welcome! This is the writing account of K. A. Jones, better known online as MoonWolf or occasionally Klee (which is an old texting nickname), and in real life I'm simply called Kayleigh. Here you will find stories or parts of stories that are free to read, others that are available for sponsorship, and have a chance to adopt or name characters.

Come in and have a look round. If you wish to you can visit the 'interview the author' post and ask me about anything or you can visit the prompts post to let me know what you'd like to read next. There are donation buttons scattered around so if you like what you read and want to see more then please put some money in, because every little bit will help me to write more.

Make sure to read all the linked posts (which I think are to the left on Dreamwidth and right on Livejournal but I have a really bad sense of direction so I may be wrong). They will give you an idea of how you can get involved. Feel free to comment on anything currently posted, but I'm not promising that I'll reply to every comment. I will try to though.

If you don't like what I write then that's fine. Not everyone will. However if I find that the only reason you are reading my work is to say how much you dislike it then I reserve the right to ignore you and/or ban you, as well as warn other crowdfunders and writers about you. We work hard to get somewhere in a world that has been closed to those without publishers for decades.

Contact me at: k_a_jones@live.co.uk; or PM me at either Dreamwidth or Livejournal.

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