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March Round-Up

March has been a much better month for me personally and I’m slowly beginning to restart my routine. At the beginning of the month I set up kajoneswriting.co.uk, which isn’t quite finished yet. I still have to set up the world pages with lists of characters and links – which is something I have been putting off slightly. It seems like such a huge job. Towards the end of the month I found Scrivener and I’ve decided I’m going to purchase a licence because the set up is wonderful for the way I write. Due to those two outgoings I’m really hoping to make some money this month.

As usual I also posted March’s free story, which was: Introducing Marnie, from the Magi collection.

I finally finished posting December’s prompted stories: Becoming Human, for Aurora’s World; and Leap Year Proposal, for the Inquisition. I’m really sorry it took me so long to get the stories posted, especially as I enjoyed writing most of them. Due to the length of time it took me I have no idea who signal boosted, so please let me know as soon as you can and I’ll write the extra words for you. I also posted one story for the March prompt session: Freya’s Arrival, for the World Walkers collection. The rest of the stories for the collection will be posted by the end of April.

No donations were received.

Low signal boosting once more means that I’m not going to hold the draw again this month. As it was entirely my fault this month if anyone signal boosts during April they will automatically receive 1000 words per boost. Boost on three different platforms and receive 3000 words. A limit of ten boosts per person.

I’ve made a decision about the surprise draw. This month I’m not going to hold it again, but from next month I’m going to begin again. If you’ve won this draw and don’t want whatever it is you’ve won then it is possible to change it into something you do want or give the prize to someone else – all you need to do is let me know. Anyone who doesn’t let me know what they want to do by the end of April will forfeit their prize and I’ll give it to someone else.

Plans for April: finish off the website; do at least some of the editing I need to do – as I just transferred everything from one place to the other I didn’t do any editing; post some things up on the donor filter, because I’m reallty hoping to get some donors this month; and the normal monthly posts.

Goals for April: write at least 50,000 words and receive at least £50 in donations.

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