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February Free Fiction: Jack - An Asexual Vampire (part 1) - 1115 words
Written for ysabetwordsmith.

For most vampires there was a slightly sexual element to feeding. Jack knew that, but feeding had never been like that to him, even before he had a name for what he was. That knowledge was one of the reason he was grateful he'd been turned into a vampire. If he'd just lived his human life then he would have died without that and back then his life had been very difficult. His family expected him to marry and have children just like everyone else. They didn't get it when he tried to explain to them that he didn't want to have children. In all honesty he didn't want to get married either because he didn't think that anyone would understand why he didn't have any interest in sex.


As Jack looked at the donor house he tried not to think that he might never find someone that understood him. Maybe he had a name for what he was, but that didn't make it any easier for him. Both humans and vampires were, in general, sexual creatures. They needed that part of a relationship in a way that he never had. His creator, a beautiful female vampire, had soon discarded him when she realised that there was something 'wrong' with him, something that she couldn't understand or just didn't care enough to.

Slowly, breathing deeply, Jack walked towards the donor house. He'd been thinking about visiting for a long time, ever since he first heard about it, but he hadn't been able to bring himself to because he didn't want to be let down. It felt like it was his last chance to find somewhere he could feed comfortably. Attracting a human had always been impossible because he couldn't find within himself the ability to be a sexual being like so many of his fellow vampires were. There had been many nights when he'd sat drinking in a bar, in an attempt to drown his sorrows, and watched the people around him. On those nights it felt like there was no one like him in the world, even though he knew there must be.

What Jack needed was a connection. A real connection, not one of those fleeting connections that lasted long enough for someone to realise that he had no interest in having sex with them and then walk away. He hoped to find that in the donor house. Finally he stepped into the reception, wondering whether he had made a huge mistake or if he had found somewhere he didn't have to pretend to be something he wasn't.

“Good evening,” a voice said from the desk to Jack's left, making him jump and turn to look at who it was. “Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.”

Jack managed to smile at the female vampire. “It's not a problem.”

“What brings you here tonight?”

“I was hoping to find a donor.”

The receptionist nodded. “If you could sign yourself in,” she pointed at a book that was at the end of the desk, “then I'll give you the rule book and get someone to show you around.”

“I did read the rule book online,” Jack said as he scribbled his name into the book and looked at some of the other names in it.

“We still like to give our visitors a printed copy. It's like a memento of your trip.” Jack looked at the receptionist and could see the amusement in her eyes. “My rules say that everyone who enters the house for the first time must be given a rule book. You could be lying when you said you read the rule book online and we can't take any chance.”

Jack nodded. “I understand, but it's not as though you can force someone to read the rule book.”

“That is why all first time visitors also get shown around the house. That way, even if you don't read the rule book, you know what all the rules are.” The receptionist smiled. “We plan for every possibility.” She tapped her pen on the desk. “Our usual tour guide is in a meeting right now, so you have a choice. We have a couple of vampires that are trusted to give newbies the guided tour and you can be shown around by a female vampire, a male vampire, or I can just see which one gets here first.”

“I really don't have a preference.”

The receptionist nodded. “Okay, give me a minute.” She picked up the phone and tapped in a number. “Who's free?” There was silence while someone on the other end answered. “Great, we have a newbie, so if you could get here as quickly as possible it would be much appreciated.” Another silence. “Yes, Alice is still in the meeting. She did mention that it might be longer than usual. Lewis is here and you know what they get like when that happens.” The receptionist bit her lip. “Last I heard they were planning the spring garden, with the help of John and a couple of donors, and then they were going on to talk about the possibility of letting Dominic loose with his paintbrush. The walls need some prettifying and he is the best artist we have.” She smiled. “I'll see you in a minute.”

“Sounds like an interesting meeting,” Jack said, hoping that he wasn't overstepping any boundaries.

The receptionist put the phone down. “They are. If you become a regular visitor then you'll see some even more interesting meetings. Since John arrived they've been having long meetings at least once a month to work out how they can put some of his ideas into practice. He's Lakota, so he sees things in a different way to Alice, Nick, Issac and Lewis.”

Jack nodded. “Does Lewis often come to meetings?”

“Occasionally, when he's not busy doing other things.” The receptionist looked at him. “You really did do your research before you came here.”

“I've been thinking about coming here for a long time.”

The receptionist passed him the rule book. “What's taken so long?”

“I didn't know if this was the place for me.”

“Some vampires do feel like that. I hope that you find the donor house fulfils your expectations.”

Jack shrugged. “I hope it does too.” He looked at the receptionist for a moment. “What's your name?”

“Nadia, and the person who's going to be showing you around today is Blake.”

“Did someone say my name?” a male voice asked from somewhere behind Jack, making him turn to see who it was.

“Speak of the devil. Blake, this is our newbie...”

“I'm Jack,” he said, turning to smile at Nadia and then looked at Blake again.

© K A Jones 2011


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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I'm really happy to see this pop up here so that I can recommend it to people.

According to my records, I've already sent you edits for this one.

Could you post a price on the second part of this story? I'm thinking about sponsoring it.

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