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December Prompted Fiction: Donor House collection: Nadia - A Drink-Driving Vampire - 540 words

Written for ysabetwordsmith's prompt: a vampire from the Donor House is involved in a drunk-driving car accident. How will the other vampires and donors back at the house respond?

It had been a slow night until Grant was brought in by the police. Nadia looked at the vampire, who glared sullenly back at her, and then at the two human policemen. One of them smiled at her, which was unusual, but not exactly unwanted, so she smiled back, before turning her attention to why a vampire would have been brought back to the donor house by the police.


“What can I do for you, officers?” she asked, hoping that someone in charge of the house would walk through the reception soon, because she really didn't want to have to ring them.

“Grant was found in control of a car while being under the influence of alcohol,” the smiling police replied, no longer smiling.

Nadia stared at the policeman. A drunk vampire was an unusual sight and she couldn't quite believe that it was true. She glanced around, still hoping someone would walk through the reception, trying to work out what she should say. It wasn't a situation she had ever been in before. She didn't think it was a situation any one of the vampires in the house had been in before.

“What exactly happened?”

“A car was found crashed into a lamppost and to be totally honest neither of us thought the driver would survive such an accident. A few moments later Mr. Price managed to crawl out from where he was trapped. I didn't know he was a vampire until after he'd been breathalised. He was three times over the drink drive limit.”

Nodding, Nadia ran a hand through her hair. “Was anyone else hurt?”

The policeman shook his head. “Mr. Price wasn't even hurt.”

That didn't surprise Nadia. “Exactly why did you bring him back here?”

“We've never dealt with a vampire in that sort of situation before and we need help.”

“Okay, that's to be expected.” Nadia looked at Grant. “I need to ring a couple of people and then we can help you get this sorted out.”

Grant shook his head slowly, but Nadia ignored him. He was the moron who'd been drink driving, and she didn't want to think about how much he'd had to drink to get to the point where he was three times over the limit, so she didn't feel any sympathy for him at all. She lifted the receiver to her ear and tapped in the direct line to the office, knowing that someone would be in there.

“This is the donor house, how may I help you?”

Nadia almost smiled when she heard Alice's voice. “Grant just got brought in by the police.”

There was a long silence. “Please tell me that you're joking.”

“He was arrested for being three times over the limit.”

“How did he get to being three times over the limit?”

“I have no idea. He's here if you'd like to ask him.”

Alice growled. “I'll be there in five minutes.”

When Alice slammed the phone down Nadia knew that her friend was annoyed. It wasn't a surprise, because Alice had been looking forward to a quiet new year, but that wasn't happening. The last thing the house needed was a vampire drink driving. Nadia put the receiver down and looked at the policemen.

© K A Jones 2011


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