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December Prompted Fiction: Fae School Collection: The Green Man: 516 words

Written for [personal profile] forgottenspirits' picture prompt, which was of the Green Man.

“Who is that?” Tamara asked, looking over at the man who had just walked into the study hall.


“That's the Green Man,” Autumn replied.

“He actually exists.”

“Yes, Tamara, he actually exists.” She laughed. “I know that it seems impossible, but there is such a person as the Green Man. He's the leader of the forest fae.”

Tamara turned her attention to Autumn. “I thought all the forest fae stayed on your old world.” Which was understandable, considering their connection to the trees of the old world. Tamara couldn't imagine what it must have been like for them.

“They did, but some of the fae who did come to Earth have forest fae blood. The first of the forest fae to be born on the Earth automatically became the Green Man, because there was a void that needed to be filled. If there are forest fae then there must be a Green Man. It's his job to help others born like him.”

“None of the fae here look like him.”

Autumn smiled sadly. “Glamours are wonderful things.”

“Does everyone here wear a glamour?”

“Not everyone, but most people who are different do. Adrian and Naida hide their 'abnormalities'. The forest fae do exactly the same thing.”

“I wish they didn't feel they had to.”

“Wings are understandable, because we are the fae and wings seem normal.” Autumn sighed. “Being part mer, having animal parts, or looking like the Green Man aren't.”

When Tamara searched the study hall for the Green Man she found him talking to River. For a moment she kept her eyes on River, trying to work out where exactly he fit into the fae heirachy. He seemed to know everyone and she was sure there was a reason why, but she couldn't work out what it was. Shaking her head, she focused on the Green Man. It was obvious he wasn't wearing a glamour, which made her smile, because she hated the way the fae used glamours to hide who they were. Unfortunately it was necessary if the fae wished to mix in the human world.

The Green Man was green, but that was quite easily the worst way of describing his colouring. Even from a distance Tamara could see the different shades of green, and they seemed to ripple, as though they were actually leaves on a tree blowing in a breeze. His hair was the slightly darker than his body, with leaves in that seemed to be a part of him. With him right there she could understand why people with forest fae blood might feel the need to hide what they looked like. They looked alien, compared to some of the fae, even those with wings, and it was easy to imagine the reaction of some humans.

“In autumn he changes colour and he's dormant during the winter, so no one sees him then, but I imagine he looks pretty strange then,” Autumn explained, answering the question Tamara had been about to ask. “Normally he comes to the school this time every year, because it's when he feels most alive.”

© K A Jones 2011


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