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Aurora’s World: Konir: Amelia: Going Underground (part 3)
This entry is part 38 of 59 in the Aurora's World collection

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This entry is part 38 of 59 in the Aurora's World collection

“Amelia.” The woman breathed a sigh of relief. “Come in. I’ve been worried about you.”

For a moment Amelia couldn’t bring herself to, but then, telling herself once again that she’d made the right choice, she stepped into the house. “Why were you worried?”

“There is always a chance that you might make a mistake, which would lead to you death. It’s something that’s happened before. You might have chosen to go to the mountains instead of coming here. There’s any number of things that could have meant I’d end up spending another decade searching for someone willing to enter the underground and I believe you are the right person to do something like this. My hope is that your survival will mean that the blooming process is becoming a little easier, as I’ve lost so many. Losing someone, when you’ve tried so hard to save them, never gets any easier, but you… I was so happy that you survived, Amelia.”

“Is there something special about me?”

“Yes, there is. I didn’t want to tell you before, because out there I always have to be careful, but every magic user in this kingdom is related to me in some way. Although I have no idea where it came from there’s a family tree in the study that is updated every time there’s a birth in the family, so I know when your birthdays will be. Unfortunately being there at the right time hasn’t been enough before.”

Words eluded Amelia as she stared at the woman. “We’re related?”

“Even though it’s a very distant relationship we are. I think you’re the great-granddaughter of my second cousin. We can have a look if you’re interested.”

“Not right now.” Amelia bit her lip. “I’d rather hear more about the underground, because, as interesting as that information is, it won’t do me much good down there.”

“That’s not entirely true, but I do believe that anyone else who might survive should be distant enough not to have an effect on any children you might chose to have in the future.”

Blinking away more unwanted tears Amelia chose to change the subject. “You said that there’s someone else.”

“He hasn’t arrived yet and as I wasn’t expecting him for another couple of days I’m not worried. The journey he’s taking is much longer that yours, because he lives in another town, one closer to the border, but I know for certain that he will be here. As soon as he arrives I’ll send him down to you. By then you should know more about the underground that I do. Grandfather told me there should be journals down there from the time it was first created.”

Nodding, Amelia brushed her hand through her hair. “So you can’t answer many of my questions?”

“Unfortunately, no, but I can answer some of them. We have limited knowledge up here of what happened, although I’m certain there are plenty of things we will never know, and as there’s only been one of us to watch over the door for decades we didn’t dare go down there ourselves, in case there was someone who needed us.”

Mirrored from K. A. Webb Writing.


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