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Heliopath’s World: Outside Ildieu: Quartz: Dreaming of Family (part 3)
This entry is part 28 of 31 in the Heliopath's World collection

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This entry is part 28 of 31 in the Heliopath's World collection

Just thinking that made Quartz realise how much he hated his family. Everyone was still following along with plans of a man who’d disappeared centuries before, after sending his only son to Ildieu in an attempt to protect it from the war that was coming. Most of the family knew nothing about that man, because their grandfather, the one who appeared to actually be in control, wasn’t – he was just following orders, the same way everyone else had done. He sighed. Being away from them all was something he was so grateful for, because it gave him a chance to really think, and the longer he was away the more he dreamt of the members of his family. In the decades he’d been free he’d seen how many of them had been affected by the decisions of their great-grandfather.

He was the one who’d put the blood magic spell into the hand of his son and told him to use it, which ended up making the whole lot of them immortal. Some days Quartz thought Kestrel had the better deal because she might end up infertile, so she wouldn’t end up spending the rest of her life hoping she didn’t have children, the way so many of his siblings had. They didn’t want to drag anyone else into the mess. Yet they’d ended up doing that, no matter how hard they’d tried not to, which made everything much harder, because they desperately wanted to protect their children from everything, especially magic. Some days he wondered if there were times when he hadn’t been careful enough and there were children out there that were genetically his, but he hoped if that had happened he would have seen them in his dreams.

Brushing a hand through his hair Quartz tried to focus on the things that were the most important. When he’d left Ildieu he’d been given a job to do, the same as his siblings, but getting it done had become much less important the longer he was outside the city. Unlike them he’d made the decision to return home, to talk to Falcon and Kestrel, because he could see how much they needed guidance from someone who knew more about the plans that had been made around them, and with Ash back it was the perfect time. It was going against the plan he didn’t believe in any longer and he couldn’t help thinking that was a good thing. The plan had been made in a different time, when Ildieu was a very different city, so it needed some changes. Unfortunately no one else was willing to make them.

Quartz felt differently. His two youngest siblings had been born twenty years after he left Ildiue and he wanted a chance to get to know them before they were thrust into a war that might not even happen. He wanted a chance to help them, because they didn’t have anyone there to guide them, and he wanted to tell Kestrel what she needed to know about being a female mage. Maybe their father thought leaving them both in the dark was the best option, but he didn’t and he never had – he just hadn’t had any say in the matter, which was something he was strangely grateful for, as he had a feeling it would have caused a massive breach between him and their father. That breach would have affected everything.

Mirrored from K. A. Webb Writing.


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