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The World Walkers: Unknown World: Sini: Meeting Riordan

Written for Elizabeth’s prompt: Sini meets Riordan

Sini stepped through the door. It hadn’t been planned, because the door hadn’t been there the day before, but she was beginning to understand why the magic the fae had used could affect the lives of the races they created more than they ever imagined that it would. For a moment she just stood where on the other side of the door that had disappeared, trying to work out where she was. Thanks to Lucille she knew more about the worlds that she had just days before. Unfortunately that knowledge didn’t make stepping onto an unknown world any easier. Eventually she made the decision, which was really the only one she could make, to start walking.

“Good morning,” a male voice said, before she could take more than a couple of steps, and she turned to find that someone had been watching her the whole time. As their eyes met Sini couldn’t help thinking that she recognised him from somewhere. “You’re from Quiar?” Nodding, she studied him carefully, wondering where she might have seen him before, because she hadn’t left Quiar before and he definitely wasn’t Quiaran. “It’s nice to meet you. My name is Riordan.”

“You’re who?” Sini couldn’t quite believe what he’d just introduced himself as and he definitely didn’t look like the pictures of Riordan that she had seen, but there was something in his eyes that made her think it was possible he might just be the man who once led the World Walker’s Council. “I don’t mean to be rude, but you disappeared over two millennia ago and no one knows what happened to you.” She shrugged. “Apart from you, obviously.”

Riordan smiled at her. “I’d had enough of the Council by then and with Tegan gone, my children grown, I decided it was time I left them all behind and lived my life for me, instead of for them. Even though it’s been a long time since I lived in that body I still call myself Riordan, because that is who I am, no matter what my new parents name me.”

“Have you met Tegan again?”

“We meet during every life, but we haven’t married again. It didn’t work out as well as we hoped it would the first time and loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean you should be in a relationship with them. Nothing will change how we feel about each other, every time we meet it’s like that first time we realised that we were in love, but we made the decision, when Tegan moved on to her next life, that we were going to try other relationships. Once we we chose to be brother and sister, which didn’t work so well, and it was much easier when I found myself stepping through an unexpected door onto another world, even though that meant living on Aerith for a lifetime.” Riordan sighed. “The world of Winter was not my favourite world to live on, but it really was worth spending a the time there.”

Mirrored from K. A. Webb Writing.

Tags: character: riordan, character: sini, collection, fiction, prompted fiction, the world walkers
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