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The World Walkers: Unknown World: Saraid: Living with the Floods

Written for wyld_dandelyon’s prompt: flood.

The floods happen every year. We expect them, prepare for them as best we can, and simply wait them out when they come. It means that we have half a year when we can farm the land, which is particularly fertile thanks to the floods, before the half a year when we live our lives in the town that we have created because of the floods. Of course we could have left long ago, moved to other world, but our race was placed there by the fae. I see the surprise in your eyes. Yes, we know about the fae, about the magic they used to create our world and the rest of the Web, and how they created us. Knowing that they created our ancestors doesn’t bother us. Without them, and their selfish needs, we wouldn’t exist, and I’m glad that we do, even though our lives aren’t simple.

When the first people lived here the fae had built their homes for them and they wondered, because the fae had chosen not to give us an instruction manual when they dumped us on a world, why they were so high up. It wasn’t a question they got an answer to for half a year, after the first harvest and second sowing, when the floods came, which, unsurprisingly, no one was prepared for. One morning the world was dry and the next it wasn’t. Even though I’ve read the journals of the first people here more than once I can’t imagine what it must have been like for them. All of the families were alone, with only the food they’d managed to harvest and no idea when the floods might come to an end. I remember one girl thought they might last until everyone starved to death, the fae attempting to rid the world of a race they didn’t really want there, but then they woke, the same way they did when the flood first started, to find that their land was dry once again.

It wasn’t a surprise that a few people had died. Some families managed better than others, depending on what they’d been able to harvest and prepare before the flood, and what those they were trapped with knew. Before the floods the families had been planning on bartering – those with the skills would have shared them in return for what food they needed – but not knowing about their world had changed things for them in a way they could never have expected. Now things are different, because we are used to the floods, even though we aren’t always happy about them, and the way we have adapted our town makes our lives much simpler than they would have been if we hadn’t. It would have been simpler for the fae to do it, but I don’t think they really thought about what they were doing when they put us here. From what I’ve read they didn’t really care that our lives would be difficult when they put us here, because we were nothing more than an experiment.

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