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Heliopath’s World: Outside Ildieu: Dale: Taking Charge

“If you really want me to help you then you need to let me do the job you’ve hired me to do.”

Our eyes met and she nodded. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m so used to doing things myself that I’m not used to relying on other people and that’s something I know I need to work on.”

“Especially as we’re in territory that you don’t actually know.”

She nodded again, her cheeks flushing slightly. “When I hired you I didn’t know if I was going to be able to feel things here, but I can. I don’t need as much help as I thought I did before.” She bit her lip. “You can walk away if you want.”

“That’s not going to happen. You may not need me as much as you thought you did, because you can feel things, but that doesn’t mean that you can protect yourself from some of the creatures that will be hunting you right now.”

“Hunting me?”

“You have magic that they want, so they’re hunting you and if they get a chance you will be dead, one way or another. It simply depends which one of them it is who catches up to you first.” He shrugged. “There are two I know for certain are hunting you, because I’ve already killed a couple of each, but the others… they’re usually more careful and you’re special. You’re the first mage who’s ventured this way in years, so they’ll be hungry.” If you’re really unlucky you might come across one who wants to play with you first and then drain you.”

“Why didn’t you mention this before?”

“It wouldn’t have changed your mind. Nothing I said would have, because this is the only way to get where you want to be, and from what you told me it seems important that you get there. So you do what you’re told and I’ll get you there safely.”

“What would have happened if I tried to do this alone?”

“You’d have died the first night. Without me here they wouldn’t have a reason to hang back, so they simply would have fought each other to see who got you. The likelihood is you wouldn’t even have known it had happened, until you found yourself in the afterlife, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now that you know of them you’re scared.”

“Of course I’m scared.” She wrapped her arms around herself. “It’s sensible to be scared when there are things out there that want to kill me. Why aren’t you scared?”

“I know I’m scarier than they are. That’s why I’ve killed so few this time round. They’re hoping I’ll make a mistake, but I won’t and they know that.”

“Don’t get complacent.”

“Not going to.” He smiled at her. “I just know I’m good at what I do and that is why I offered my services to the ‘batfruitcrazy’ mage who wanted to travel across this territory in order to get to the library that no one can enter.”

Mirrored from K. A. Webb Writing.

Tags: character: cyra, character: dale, collection: heliopath's world
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