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The World Walkers: Quiar: The Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments (part 9, 68th continuation)

Part 1

Part 9, 67th continuation

Landing Page

“Is it possible that the records of what had happened to the worlds before Kalinia were lost?” Lucille asked, unable to believe that anyone would destroy their own history because they simply didn’t want to accept that it had happened. Bad things happened on all the worlds of the Web, but someone always kept a record of what had happened, with the only exceptions being the lost worlds – although she had a feeling that the Wishers of Siaral kept the histories of those worlds too. “The fae have made bad choices here, with hiding themselves away in the settlements, but to do something like that…”

Meriwether nodded. “Before I found out that it had definitely happened I didn’t want to accept that my race had done something like that, but they did. The three Kings who chose to travel to Kalinia burnt any records they could find, although some were hidden in the hope that one day we would find them, and forbid anyone to speak of the world before. Anyone who did was executed.” He shook his head. “It was stupid, but to them it made the most sense, no matter how many of the fae had already been lost before they committed to the move and even once they were safe on their new world. Hiding what had happened was, as far as they were concerned, their only choice, because they knew that it had been their race who had destroyed the world they thought of as their home world. As it had all happened before, in exactly the same way, there was no way that they could know it was the second world they had lived on, in the same way that we believed, until we left Kalinia behind, that Kalinia was our home world.

“Having been through it myself I can kind of understand why they made the choices that they did. Fear changed them into someone they hadn’t been before and they didn’t have elders the way we did within the Thirteen Families or Willow’s fae do. Those monarchs had total control. When they talked to each other about the best way forward they decided that burying the truth was the best thing to do, because that way they could move on with their lives instead of having to work out how they could change a race that was terrified of change. Getting them to move to another world had been hard enough. Convincing them to use less magic simply wasn’t going to happen and, really, the fae didn’t want to believe that they had caused the damage.

“There were a few who spoke out, because they wanted the truth to be passed from one person to another, until everyone knew that they, with their selfishness, had destroyed a world, and would destroy another one if they didn’t change.” He sighed. “Each one who did was silenced without anyone knowing that it had happened, apart from their families, but those families accepted that it was for the best. For their race to survive what had happened it was important that everyone worked together and anyone who fought against that should be removed. I do get why they thought that way, but those who spoke out were right. We did end up destroying Kalinia, because we didn’t change, and we might have been able to save her if the truth had been told from the beginning.”

“Of course there is always a chance that you might never have been able to change, no matter how much you wanted to, due to the way that you used magic.” Lucille bit her lip. “You shared Kalinia with other races, in the same way Willow’s fae not share Earth with the humans, so did that mean Kalinia lasted longer than it would have done if it was just the fae or did it not help at all?”

“It was different.” Meriwether rubbed his antler. “None of the races we shared Kalinia with exuded magic the way humans seem to, which is why the fae can survive much more easily there than we could here, and if one of the races we exterminated did then we did ourselves a huge disservice, but we didn’t know that it was important. We could have travelled to Earth instead of Kalinia, and I’m sure there’s an Earth that did see the arrival of the three Kings, but we didn’t in this universe because we were looking for a world that was less inhabited, where they could have a small patch of land without affecting anyone too much.

“For a millennia we all lived there happily, until one fae King, one not descended from the three, decided he’d had enough of sharing with the other races. He was the one who hunted the Little People, before attempting to move on to the griffins. That was his big mistake.” He smiled. “The Griffins had more magic than the fae could ever imagine having and when the King tried to hunt them he found that he was actually the one being hunted. He spent the rest of his life teaching his fae to fear the griffins, even though he had no need to fear them. From what I heard they were actually a very friendly race – they just didn’t appreciate being hunted like animals and they really didn’t like what had happened to the Little People, especially as they knew it could happen to the shifters too. Unsurprisingly they weren’t too worried about the mer, because they were safe enough in their cities in the sea.

“Even though there are theories as to why he chose to go after the Little People no one really understands what it was that made him hunt a race of people in order to exterminate them. The one I’ve always believed was most likely was that his most beloved daughter chose to handfast the Prince of the Little People, only their handfastings lasted for life, and he wasn’t happy about it at all. Instead of being able to use her to make alliances with the other families he had to accept that she was in a relationship for life with someone from another race and that was something, in the end, he couldn’t do. Unfortunately he knew that simply killing their Prince would cause a war, so he decided it was best to rid Kalinia of them once and for all, because they had taken his daughter away from him. Not particularly logical, but I can’t say that the fae have ever been particularly good at making sensible decisions.”

“Why, if that was the reason he started hunting the Little People, did he then go after the griffins?”

“He didn’t know how to stop once he’d started and thought that as he’d started ridding Kalinia of the other races he should continue, because he was making the world a better place. Or at least that’s what he thought. I think it was the beginning of the end, although no one knew it then – not even the griffins and they knew more about Kalinia than any of the other races. They’d been there since the beginning, the first race to chose Kalinia as their home, followed by the mer, who always worked closely with the griffins.” Meriwether shrugged. “I could, of course, be wrong about the reason he went after the Little People in the first place. He might just have wanted to get rid of them, because he didn’t like them sharing a world he thought of as his, even though they were there before the fae. Unfortunately he didn’t know that and I’m not entirely sure he would have cared if he did know, because he would still have thought of Kalinia as his world. I don’t doubt that he would have started on the other groups of the fae if it hadn’t been for the griffins.”

“Is there any way to learn more about the history of Kalinia and the worlds you lived on before?”

“A couple, but neither of them are particularly easy. Find someone with the skill to look into the past, because I know you don’t have that yourself, or meet with someone who was there are the beginning, and so far I’ve only met one person who was with the fae when they stepped onto Kalinia, who sadly died not long after they did. He missed about a hundred years of their history, because there was an afterlife to go to on Kalinia, although that might not exist any more either thanks to us, and when he was born again he wasn’t taught about the world they’d left behind. Until the day he died within the Web he knew nothing about the lives he lived before though and it was hard for him to accept that he had been alive for so many years. There were lives he’d lived on the second world, but he chose, not long after, to forget everything, because that was easier, although he did pass on everything he could to me.”

Mirrored from K. A. Webb Writing.

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