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Surprise Story Week

Starting on the 12th of September I am having Surprise Story Week. Leave a comment with any number between 1 and 25 and I will write a story of at least 1000 words on the character that has been given that number. Commenters won't know who I'm writing about until I have posted the story because that is the whole point of it being a surprise. :) Don't worry about commenting with the same number as someone else because the character will be changed once I have written the first story for that number. Any comments on posted stories will receive a continuation of it, which will be anywhere between 500 and 1500 words, until I have received ten comments. Anything written after this will be added to the sponsorable stories list.

If I receive more that seven numbers then I'll post another surprise story a week until I've used up all the numbers that I received. If I don't receive the full seven then I'll use a random number generator until the week is over or I receive another number.
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