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Prompts day

On Saturday I'm planning on spending the day, hopefully, working on prompted stories. At the moment there are so many things that I want to write that I find it hard to focus, so the plan is to try to get some of the people who have added one of my writing accounts involved in what I'm doing. I will write 500 words on every prompt that I get which will be posted on my writing account and sent to the prompted, probably as a PDF. If anyone wants more words on any of the stories then each additional 500 words will be £1.50, up to a limit of £12.00 for 4000 words. You can choose a specific story or I will pick a story to carry on if you don't want to choose.

The sorts of prompts I'm looking for are character prompts, eg. a story with Autumn and Tamara; collection prompts; or even single word prompts, eg. hope, tea, snuggling.

If I get ten prompts then I will post one piece of bonus material and this does include multiple prompts from one person, so if someone gives me two prompts then we will only need eight more. If I get 20 prompts there will be two piece of bonus material, and this will continue up to fifty prompts.

This is basically to get more free to read stories on my writing account so I'm not planning for huge amounts of money, but normal donor perks will be available and if I get more than £50 then I will think of a special donor perk for those who donated.

I will be open for prompts on this post from now until 6pm BST on Saturday.

Prompts are now CLOSED.

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