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Advent Story 2012: The Fae World: Willow: On Earth (part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

Willow shook her head, unable to believe what she’d heard and yet somehow knowing it was true at the same time. She tried not to think of how many of the third who’d survived had stayed behind, because they’d thought that she was too young to have a true understanding of what was happening, like Mab, who’d probably convinced the other royals that Willow was overreacting. At least there were those who had followed her to Earth, which meant they had a chance of surviving. Hopefully. As long as she managed to convince the Prime Minister that the fae weren’t actually invaders, but had left their home world to seek sanctuary because they’d had no other choice.

Finnian stopped walking, so Willow knew she’d found her father, and he’d been given a curtained off area for privacy. She had so many questions for him, questions she probably could have asked the elders if she’d believed for a moment they’d be honest with her, and as she stood, staring at the curtain, she had this feeling, a feeling that she’d had before, that she’d never get a chance. Biting hard on her lip to stop any more tears from falling she pulled the curtain to one side so she could step into the space that had been made for her father.

The King was still in the same state he had been before they’d left for Earth. He looked drained and Willow had to fight even harder to stop the tears. Yet there was a part of her, the less emotional part, that saw him for what he had been. When she’d taken charge the elders had had no choice but to follow her, the same way they would have had to follow her father, so if he’d told them that it was time to evacuate their home world then they would have had no choice. He hadn’t done what needed to be done and she didn’t know why, but it made her angry. There were some who might have survived if he’d made the decision as soon as he’d realised there was a real problem.

After spending some time alone with her father Willow pushed the mix of emotions she felt to one side, because she had a job to do. Every decision her father had made, everything he’d done since the first fae had fallen ill, had led to her becoming, if only temporarily, a Queen of the fae. On Earth she was the only Queen, which was more than a little terrifying. If something happened to her there would be no Queen and that would leave the Elders in charge, so she had to do as much as possible before anything could happen to her. She glanced one last time at her father, a man she felt she could no longer trust, before making her way back through the medical tent, trying to stop herself from thinking that someone might try assassinating her.

It was the first time Willow had been given any sign that the fae, her fae, thought that she had done the right thing. If it hadn’t been for Finnian, and knowing that Alder was out working to make certain that everything was going right, she might have let her fears get the better of her, because the Elders were against her. They had been her father’s advisers since he’d first become the King and she’d wanted them to be hers too, but they’d never been the people she expected them to be, which had made them into her enemies rather than her allies. They would make living on Earth more difficult than it needed to be, expect more from the humans that they could give, but there was nothing she could do to stop that. She just had to be ready.

Being ready meant going to the Prime Minister. Every time Willow thought of the meeting she was going to have to have with the most important man in the United Kingdom she knew her fear might end up getting the better of her. Putting it off seemed like the easiest thing to do, but she knew it wasn’t. If she didn’t go, right then, right when she felt strong, then she’d never do it, and then the fae really would be nothing more than invaders.

As she walked through the medical tent Willow planned exactly what she was going to say, even though she knew she’d probably end up saying something totally different. She couldn’t help wondering what her father would have said if he was in the same position and then she realised he never would have been. If he had of evacuated their world he never would have chosen Earth as the place to travel to, which seemed like it would have been a huge mistake. The fae needed the humans and, she sighed, the humans needed the fae.

Travelling to 10 Downing Street was easy enough. Magic made things easy, but that was part of the problem. Willow reached into the well of magic she held within her and created the door that would take her to the Prime Minister’s office, focusing on the limitations of the door. It was for one trip, there and back, and then it would fade into nothing. Until she stepped through the door she had no idea what to expect from the Prime Minister or his office.

He was sat behind his desk when Willow appeared in his office. She waited for him to yell for someone to help him, because that seemed like the logical reaction, but instead he studied her closely. It was hard to stand there, knowing how different she looked to a human, but she needed to talk to him, and waiting until he’d finished seemed the sensible thing to do.

“Who are you?” he finally asked, sounding more scared than he was acting.

“I’m Willow, the Queen of the fae.”

For a long time he just stared at her. “Okay…” He ran a hand through his hair. “I’m probably going to regret asking this, but why are you here?”

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