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November Round-Up

November was a difficult month, due to my partner’s shifts. I think, with time, it is something that I’ll learn to cope with, but the hardest part is when they’re changing daily. At the moment there’s almost a couple of weeks of mostly stability, which is going to be really nice. Unfortunately I won’t know about the end of the month for a while because we only get three weeks of shifts at a time. He will have Christmas Day off, but in the last few years he’s been working Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, so he may not have much of a Christmas. Fortunately neither of us much care about Christmas.

As November was such a difficult month I didn’t get as much fiction posted as I wanted to. I did get some stories posted, thanks to the Crowdfunding Creative Jam (which is well worth checking out on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth), and I have ideas for more stories, which is always good. The only problem is getting them from my brain onto my netbook, so I’m really hoping for some sort of invention that makes it easier.

During November I set up the Never-Ending Prompt Session, which is an experiment in more than one way. I like bingo cards, but I’ve never found on that really works for my fiction, because they’re not specific enough, so I’m working on creating my own using people’s prompts. That’s what the Never-Ending Prompt Session is for. I’ll still be having normal prompt sessions, I’m planning on having a random number prompt session at the beginning of 2013, and the first Never-Ending bingo card will, I hope, as long as I have enough prompts, be created in January 2013.

Fiction posted: Aeron: Creating the Dragons; Adrian: The Coffee Shop; Aidalis: Travelling to Earth; Willow: Travelling to Earth; Liesel: The Griffin’s Choice; Oonagh: A Pregnant Pot; Mirai: The Curse; Claire: Inheriting a Hotel; Amelia: Going Underground; Isibeal: Dreaming; Jillian: Hunted: Annabelle: Eaten Portals; Luna: The Book Portal; Leolin: Stories of Doors; Mackenzie: The Theives’ Hideout; Poem: Shyderwebs (written by Elizabeth Barrette); Leolin: Evolving Magic; Leolin: Changing Doors; Niamh: The Shyder’s Gift; Lance: Landing in Labyrinth; and Rynne: Mirror Travel.

Bonus material posted: Stories in the Fae World Collection.

Other posts: November Is…; October Round-Up; 2013; Icon Day 23; Update – November 4th; DeviantArt; Wow…; Advent Story poll; Example Bingo Cards; Plans for my Bingo Cards; Advent Poll; Advent Poll, again; List of Stories and Bonus Material to Write; Update: 14th November; A Story I Haven’t Written; I now have Aim; Update: 19th November; Goals and Dreams; Advent Story Tie-Breaker Poll; General Fund Poll 2; New Page: Free Ebooks; The Winterfaire; I Need Votes!; Update: November 27th; and The Advent Story Poll is Closed!

Plans for December: the Advent Story (1000 words a day until the 25th); double credits; half price sale; posting more fiction, from a number of different collections; and work on outstanding stories.

Goals for November: write at least 50,000 words (I might actually complete this goal this month) and earn at least £50 in donations.

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