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Update: November 27th

It’s getting to the point where I have no idea what day it is. My partner is working nights and it’s not easy, so I’m currently sitting in a mostly dark room with my desk lamp on and a set of headphones is, because he snores. Working like this isn’t easy, but I think I’ll learn to deal with it eventually. I am surprised he’s still asleep even though I’m tapping away on the keyboard and yet all I can hear when the songs change is him snoring.

NaNo, this year, is a failure. There’s no chance of me catching up now, especially as I have other stories that need to be written, but I am going to complete the story. The plan is to start posting at the beginning of 2013 and see what happens after that.

I have other plans for next year too. I want to post more bonus material, especially character profiles, so that’s on the list of things to do. (The to-do list is growing rapidly, because my brain can’t stop coming up with more story ideas, which is both a blessing and a curse.) I’m going to complete my bingo cards and create more, because the new character and new setting squares have really got my imagination going. I love creating both, so having a reason to work on them has been great for me. I want to try, and I have no idea if I’m going to be able to manage this, to post one new story a day for the entire year. They may be crossovers or AUs, but they will be entirely new. Then I have loads of continuations to write, thanks to my Write More button (I’m so happy I created that), which means that 2013 should be very busy.

I just hope I’ll be able to work with the changing shifts better than I have been.

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