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The Winterfaire

Elizabeth Barrette is once again holding her Winterfaire. Yay! I have a booth, again.

The Winterfaire, for those of you who haven’t been before, is a fair for those who make their living online. As Elizabeth is one of those people I encourage everyone to check out her poetry and maybe donate, because it isn’t easy to crowdfund and she does a lot of work to make certain that people know what crowdfunding is, how to do it, and who she puts her money towards helping (I’m lucky enough to be one of them). Now, I haven’t been able to pass on much to her, even though she has been my patron since day one, so I’d be really happy to hear that she’s made some money through the Winterfaire.

I’m hoping that I might get a few pennies too, as that would really help with this years Christmas presents (I don’t really celebrate personally, but my family does, as does the family James and I live with). Any donations will be gratefully received and for every £1 I get (put Winterfaire in the notes) I’ll post five hundred words of fiction. Give me a collection in your notes (eg. Winterfaire – The Brotherhood) and I’ll write for that collection: it may be a new story or a continuation, depending on what I feel like writing.

If you donate to anyone in the Winterfaire, including Elizabeth, let me know and I’ll write five hundred words of fiction for a story of your choice. The best way to do this is probably to comment here or email with something like: Winterfaire, Elizabeth Barrette, $5, and then the names of the story(s).

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