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The Fae World: Liesel: The Griffins’ Choice

It was Torsten who broke the silence. ‘We have to make a decision.’

Liesel glanced at Torsten before looking back at the door. He was right, they did need to make a choice, but none of them knew what they’d find when they stepped through it. They could tell the world had magic and that was it. She doubted even the fae knew which world was on the other side of the door, even though they’d been the ones to create it, because they created so many doors. Every one of them used yet more magic and the majority of the fae didn’t know how to live without magic, so the shrinking amount that still existed was being drained faster than the griffins could cope with. As there was only twelve of them left their only option was to find somewhere else to live.

Until recently each of the couples hadn’t even known the others existed. Liesel looked at each of the griffins and could see the same worries she had in every face, even Torsten’s. Aleida and Hedwig had even more to worry about, because they were both pregnant. Thankfully the cubs weren’t yet fully grown, so they weren’t sentient, but it wouldn’t be long. If they woke before the move was made… Liesel didn’t want to think about what would happen to them. From what the two expectant mothers had said the pregnancies were unplanned, although they had been trying until they realised what was happening to the world.

‘I don’t want to go,’ Hedwig replied, sounding sad. ‘This world holds so many memories of griffins that are no longer alive and it’s…’ There was a silence, making Liesel think that Hedwig was trying to pull herself together. ‘I always wanted my cubs born on the same world I was born on, but that’s not going to happen.’

‘Sweetheart, the lives of our cubs are the most important thing right now,’ Hedwig’s mate said. Liesel couldn’t remember his name, even though they had been introduced, but she liked him. ‘I think the only thing we can do is take a chance.’

‘I feel the same way,’ Aleida said, ‘although I wanted to have cubs here, where my parents and siblings were buried.’ She shrugged. ‘My cubs must come first and I don’t think it will be long before they wake.’

Nodding, Liesel looked at the door. She didn’t know how she’d feel if she was pregnant, but she understood why Aleida wanted to put the cubs first, and it had been a long time since any griffins had been born alive. All of Liesel’s sisters had died after failed pregnancies, as had her mother.

‘I think we have to go,’ Liesel said, wondering if the other would even listen to her because she was the youngest of the group. ‘If we stay here then it seems likely that we’re all going to die, because the fae aren’t going to stop using magic. They don’t know how to. That world has magic and it doesn’t seem like it gets used, so we’re more likely to live to our full life-span there.’

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