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The Fae World: Willow: Travelling to Earth

Breathing in deeply Willow watched the fae who had chosen to join her walk though the door she had created. On the other side was Earth, a world the fae had always been fascinated by and visited regularly, but living there had never seemed an option. Now there seemed to be no other choice. The fae needed magic in order to survive, Earth was a world with magic, so it made sense that her people would travel there, but that didn’t stop her from worrying that she’d made the wrong decision. Unfortunately she didn’t have anyone to talk to, because her father was still in a coma, she didn’t trust any of her so-called counsellors, and the only person she thought she might be able to trust was on the other side of the door.

If there had been more time Willow would have made more preparations, both on Earth and on the world the Dragons were travelling to, but her father wasn’t the only person close to death. Other families were taking through ill members, mostly the elder fae, hoping that they would survive, even though it seemed unlikely. She knew that she would probably become Queen much sooner than she’d anticipated, because her father was getting weaker with every day that passed and she didn’t think that Earth had enough magic to drag him back from the brink. That didn’t stop her from hoping he would survive. She needed him.

Willow knew that living on Earth wasn’t going to be easy, for the humans or for the fae. Technically the fae were invading Earth, even though they didn’t plan on taking over, and she didn’t know how the humans were going to react. It wasn’t as though most of the fae would ever leave the places of magic, but taking over the places of magic was going to affect the humans. They didn’t even know the places of magic existed and, according to Alder, were planning to use the place of magic they wanted to live as a housing estate. She sighed, feeling a little sad that the humans didn’t understand how important the places of magic were, but when she compared that to the selfishness of the fae…

With her fingernails getting too close to her mouth, Willow forced herself to turn around. The fae were going to destroy a world because they didn’t know how to live without magic, so she had no right to judge the humans. She wished the meeting had worked and she’d been able to convince everyone to follow her, but at least she’d been able to help the Dragons and the Shifters. A number of the Shifters had chosen to travel to Earth, including a large family of Selkies, while others were travelling with the Dragons. It was, unfortunately, exactly what she’d been expecting to happen, because she was young, she was female, or they had some other reason not to listen to her. Even some of her own people had stayed behind.

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

Tags: character: willow, fiction, free fiction, my worlds, the fae world

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