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The Fae World: Aidalis: Travelling to Earth

Aidalis breathed a sigh of relief as he passed through the doorway. With every moment that passed the mer could feel the magic of their world draining away, because of the fae, but thankfully Earth had enough magic for them to survive. He knew he was lucky to have survived. There were so many who had died, most of them being the mer who were unable to shift into human form, and as he wasn’t able to shift he’d known that it was possible that he wouldn’t survive. After burying so many members of his family, including his younger sister, he hadn’t been certain he wanted to survive. On Earth he finally felt grateful.

If Aidalis hadn’t know that there were others following him, all terrified, he kept moving, even though he wanted to stop and look around his new home. Over the years the mer had created maps of the seas of Earth, so he’d had some idea of what to expect, but the world felt very different to the one he’d left behind. For the first time in a long time he felt like he could breathe. Until that moment he hadn’t realised how close it really was, because he was certain that if they hadn’t left when they had he would have been dead before he could travel. He shivered.

Groups of Aidalis’ race were coming together, but he wanted to be alone. After glancing at them, seeing the relief in every face, he pulled his copy of the map out of his bag. Leaving in a rush had meant that no one had time to claim any ground and he knew that the land he wanted would be in demand once the relief had faded. Silently he started swimming, knowing that no one would notice him, and let himself glance around for the first time.

The seas were quiet, which was understandable. Eventually the creatures who lived in the seas would become accustomed to the merpeople, but until that happened most would avoid any places the mer chose to live. Aidalis guessed the dolphins would be the first to make a move, because they would be curious about the new arrivals, and then other creatures would follow, although there were those who chose to stay away. In that case it was probably best for both sides, as some creatures weren’t going to be friendly.

After swimming for some time Aidalis found himself in cooler waters, which were more comfortable for him than warm waters. Most of the mer were the same. He was aiming for the English Channel, in part because he knew the fae were going to be in England and he felt it was going to be the safest place to live. There had been stories told about merpeople who got caught in nets or hurt by fishermen during their travels, and he’d seen the scars on some, so the fae had given their word that they would do everything they could to make the seas safe, which would be easiest around the country they were living in.

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

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