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The Fae World: Aeron: Creating the Dragons

Aeron was certain they were making a huge mistake. He glanced at the souls that were sitting in crystal jars on the side, trying not to let the sight of them get to him. Under normal circumstances they would have used second-hand souls, who had already lived at least three lives, from fae who had volunteered. Making a whole new race of people wasn’t normal circumstances, because the new Queen was family and wanted to experiment with her abilities, so they’d created new souls too, which was… He shook his head. It shouldn’t have been done and he no longer wanted to be part of the experiment, but he had no choice. His Queen had given the command that it was time to try to place a soul within one of the newly created dragon bodies.

Thankfully Aeron wasn’t working alone. One of his companions picked up a jar and walked towards the body, smiling, because she didn’t have doubts about what they were doing. The body was that of a male dragon, based on a picture the Queen had picked up during one of her journeys to Earth. If he had a choice he would destroy all the bodies they’d spent the last year making, set the souls free, and walk away from everything he was beginning to hate. He didn’t want to know what the other fae would think if they knew about the dragons, but he could imagine what their reaction would be.

“Are we ready?” Enna asked.

Everyone else answered in the affirmative, so Aeron did the same. He couldn’t help hoping that it was going to go wrong, but he had a horrible feeling that it was going to go right, and when it did something unexpected was going to happen. After taking the final three steps towards the body Enna opened the jar. Most of the older souls could somehow feel if there was a body that needed it and would move by themselves, but the new soul needed help. Gently Enna coaxed the soul out of the jar with her hand and guided it towards the head of the body.

It took the soul a few minutes to enter the body, as though it didn’t understand what it was supposed to do, and Aeron felt a bubble of hope well up within him. Normally his intuition was always right, but he wanted this to be the one time it was wrong. Once it was where it was meant to be the only thing they could do was wait. Most of the time a body would move within an hour after the soul had entered it. The last time a new soul had been used, Aeron had read, it had taken just over six hours for the body to move, but in the end the experiment had failed. Sighing, he lent against the wall, watching the dragon the same way everyone else in the room was, wanting to know one way or another what was going to happen.

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

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