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Update – November 4th

This week I have started my NaNo story and it’s going slowly, because this week has been the week from hell plus a week of doing stuff that needed to get done. Tomorrow is my first day of next week, as that’s the way my brain works (I’m still at college in my head), so next week is going to be better, but tomorrow is a busy day as I’m out. We finally got round to cutting my partner’s hair, which is something that I’ve somehow ended up doing for the last… I don’t know exactly… four years maybe. It’s been a long time though. He also got rid of his beard and now we’ve decided he looks about twelve. :)

I’ve decided that listening to one song on repeat, which is something I do stupidly often, is really hard on a Creative Zen Stone. I love my little MP3 player, but I have to keep skipping back and I accidently go onto the next song too many times for my liking. It’s back to the netbook if I’m going to be doing this while typing or doing anything that needs my hands.

From tomorrow (possibly Tuesday if tomorrow is too busy for me to get on the computer) I plan on doing something a little different. I’ve been thinking about the bingo challenges that you find on Livejournal and Dreamwidth and how I can incorporate something like that into my writing. Being a part of one of those bingo challenges is one thing, and I think I’m going to try to work on one card that I already have, but I also want to create my own, because I have an idea. Now, I love prompts. They make me write things I never would have thought of writing and that is great for me. So what I want to do is put out a prompts call, but it’s going to be a little different, and ongoing for at least a couple of month. I’ll be after name prompts, the sort where you have a name you always wanted a character to have but haven’t found one (including unusual spellings of known names) or just a name you think would be nice, song prompts (taking a sentence from a song and using it as a prompt), and other things, like personality traits, or disabilities (I already have a blind character) or short prompts (like autumn picnic or blue petal). Then I’ll be randomising the list and giving them all numbers, creating a bingo card, and writing stories for the prompts in order to make a bingo. I might even write to each prompt more than once, depending on how much inspiration I get from it. I’m also going to, and this is really unusual, post my own prompts, so song lyrics that I find inspirational and that sort of thing, because there are things I’ve been wanting to write for ages, but I never seem to find the time. It’s possible I may also post prompts that I’ve been borrowing from other sessions, like the Jam over at the Crowdfunding community.

Oh, and I’ve been getting a load of spam comments over at Livejournal and it’s beginning to annoy me. I want to stay open for comments from everyone, because I know not everyone wants another login at another site, but I’ve had an inbox full of spam every morning and I just don’t want to have to deal with it. However I do have Livejournal login over at my website and other social logins, like Facebook and Twitter, to make things easier, so I might.

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