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1. Stories in the Fae World collection

The first stories in this collection were set in one of the Fae schools set up on Earth after the fae following Princess Willow (who became Queen on Earth). It was the only school that allowed human/fae children to enter and because of this it became known as THE Fae school, even though there is more than one. Later stories followed Willow and the man who becomes her consort, Alder, both before they leave behind their old world and on Earth. Some of the shifters and the mer people also followed Willow and I plan on writing stories about both these races.

I’ve also written stories about the dragons, a race created by the Yellow family, who travelled to Arkal instead of Earth; Lena’s World, Benira, and the world connected to it, Benira (which is much like Earth); Aidalis, the world the Griffins travel to; and the ‘astral’ world, Kalinia, which is a seperate collection, but may later become a part of this collection.

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

Tags: bonus material, fae world month, my worlds, the fae world

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