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October Round-Up

October didn’t go as well as September did. I was planning on posting a lot more bonus material for the Donor House collection, as well as more stories, but it was a difficult month. My partner’s shifts have been all over the place, because they have a new computer system, and my autumn/winter insomnia has returned. I’m hoping that November is going to be better, especially as I’m really looking forward to writing more stories for the Fae World, although I have an interesting shift pattern to look forward to.

Fiction I posted: Rex: Saving Melody (part 2); Nick: Waiting for Alice (part 2); Jean-Luc: First Visit to the Donor House; Cate: First Visit to the Donor House; Alice: Visiting Cate; Dawn: Talking to Lewis; Kisten: First Visit to the Donor House; Dawn: Talking to Lewis (part 2); Rex: Saving Melody (part 3); Nick: Autumn; Jena: Love at First Sight; Lucille: Hot to Moderate (Quiar); Adoni: Swallow the Sky (Quiar – written by Elizabeth Barrette); Cillian: The Autumn Twilight (Beshaki); Carly: Changing Seasons (Aerith); Anna: The Corn King; and Richard: Watching Leaves Fall.

Bonus material I posted: Characters in the Donor House collection; Donor House: Basic Information; Races of the Web (WiP); The Hidden Places; The Doors; The Demons; and Tattoo Magic.

Other posts: Website; Sponsorable Stories Page Updated; Thoughts; Web Fiction Guide; Online Again; November Poll Closed; After Nyne; Thoughts; Advance Warning; General Fund Poll (1); NaNoWriMo; Commissions Page Up; General Fund Poll – part 1; and October Prompts Session.

The prompts session is still ongoing, until tomorrow at midnight. I love having prompts sessions, but I never have many visitors, no matter where I advertise my sessions. I’m not sure what I should do about it. Part of me wants to give up, because it seems like a waste of time, but at the same time I want to continue, because of my love of getting interesting prompts. It’s something I’m going to need to think about, but I will still be having at least one more prompts session before the end of 2012.

Plans for November: posting once a day for the Fae World month; completing NaNoWriMo; posting more Donor House stories; posting more World Walkers stories; and work on outstanding stories.

Goals for November: write at least 50,000 words and hopefull earn at least £30 in donations.

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