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3b. World Walkers Web continued

There are, occasionally, doors that lead to hidden places, including Aerith and Kankirin, but they have their own rules. Some appear for one person who is in real need, taking them to a safe place that they may never be able to leave; others appear for a certain period of time and may disappear without being used; while the third kind, that are very rare, stay open permanently but move around continously, so getting though it is total luck and getting back is almost impossible. None of these doors malfunction, because they are created naturally, and if there are any problems then the magic that created the door fixes it before they can be noticed by anyone.

When the web was created it took the magical strength of all the world creators, but was the idea of Riordan and Emrys. They were the first Blue family members asked to work on the creation of the new worlds, so they began by coming up with a system that would allow the magic created to move around all the worlds, and what they created was a system of tiny magic tubes. Once it was created the fae focused on the worlds, while Athare worked on making a good system better. By the time the first world was placed Athare was very happy with its work in creating gates that would allow the other worlds to choose if and when it shared magic with its fellows. The web around Athare was the only part without these gates, because it knew that closing a gate would destroy the web, as the web was created using its magic.

The worlds themselves began life in miniature. It was easier than creating them as full size planets and meant they didn’t waste huge amounts of magic when some of the worlds failed. All of the world creators were glad that there were very few failures, but even a few was too many, because the magic couldn’t be reused. Each Blue family member worked with a different group of people for each world, once they knew the world wouldn’t fail, which always included a Yellow, as they were needed to create the races. Often a Gold would be involved and occasionally a Silver, although these groups didn’t always work well together.

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