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19: Crossover: Deities World/World Walkers: Persephone: Watching Mab with Hecate

Persephone watched as Mab paced. The fae had never worshipped the deities, but the fae knew the deities existed in the same way the deities knew all about the fae. Occasionally Persephone wished that they did at least talk, because then maybe she would have been able to guide them in the right direction when things started going wrong, although it was likely that they still would have buried their heads in the sand. None of them had wanted to believe what was happening… what they caused by being selfish and using their magic without thinking of the consequences. A world they’d named Athare was their home now.

“Sephy, they’ve made their choices,” a familiar voice said from the edge of the clearing. Persephone turned as Hecate walked towards her. “There’s nothing you can do about it now.”

Nodding, Persephone turned back to her vision pool. “I know that, but I can’t stop myself from watching. They need us.”

“Needing us and wanting us are two entirely different things. Over the millenia the fae have made it very obvious they don’t want us sticking out noses into their business and no matter how bad it gets I’m going to keep out of it, unless one of them specifically asks for my help.”

“I just…” Persephone turned to look at Hecate, who had stopped next to her. “They’re changing the universe, Hecate. The decision of the fae council is to create a number of new worlds in an attempt to stop Athare from falling apart the way their old world did and…” She shook her head. “Every time I think about it I want to stop them, even though I know that I can’t.”

Hecate looked into the vision pool, at the still pacing fae queen, and sighed. “It was always a possibility. We both knew that from the moment they moved to Athare. I hoped they would think of another option but they seem to think that it is their only possible choice.”

“Mab isn’t happy about it.”

“A lot of the fae aren’t happy about it. They just can’t see another way to make sure that Athare doesn’t end up the magicless husk that their old world became.”

Running a hand through her hair Persephone stared into the vision pool. “I wonder if they’d have changed their fate if they’d listened to Willow.”

“I doubt it. They’d already used up almost all the core magic that the world had, they didn’t want to change, and as the magic faded away so did the only way they had of creating more core magic: the trees that transformed ambient magic. Maybe if they’d stopped using magic for a century they would have reversed some of the damage, but that world would never be the same again.”

Persephone bit her lip, before looking at Hecate again. “I know it’s against the rules, but visiting Mab might be a good idea. Even if we won’t be able to change their collective mind about creating new worlds we might be able to have an effect on what exactly they’re going to do.”

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

Tags: 100 things, fiction, free fiction, my worlds, the deities' world, the world walkers

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