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The World Walkers: Unknown World: Mira: Leaving Raenarin

Mira stepped through the door, knowing that she had no other choice. A single tear trickled down her cheek. Being a ‘demon’ was both a blessing and a curse right at the moment. It meant she was safe from… she didn’t know exactly who it was, but she knew that her entire family was dead because of someone, as she’d could leave Raenarin behind. At the same time being alive when they were all gone was more painful than anything that had happened before. For the first time in her life she was entirely alone, on a world she didn’t know, and all she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry.

That, of course, wasn’t actually an option. Mira wiped the single tear away, trying to work out where exactly she was, because she had never made use of her abilities on purpose before, because being a ‘demon’ wasn’t safe. The known doors on Raenarin led to known places, but the door she had stepped through could easily have led to any world in the web. Shaking, still terrified, she ran a hand though her hair. If she hadn’t been a daughter of the witch queen of Raenarin she wouldn’t even have known the other worlds existed, so she was grateful for the knowledge being who she was gave her.

All Mira could do was walk through the forest she found herself in and see where she ended up. There were forests on many of the worlds, so that was no help at all, but if she could find a town she might have some idea. Becoming a walker had once been an option, because having tattoos would make her safer, until she’d realised how much work it would be to pass just one exam. It was understandable. Walkers had an important job and she knew that she would never have been good enough.

Instead Mira had done what she could to learn about the other worlds on the web. One of the walkers who’d visited her mother during a trip to Raenarin had been happy to talk to her, which had helped, and given her more information on two of the worlds, but there were thirty four known worlds. She knew almost nothing about the other thirty two worlds. If she’d ended up on one of the worlds she knew it was going to be pure luck.

Walking was something Mira knew she could do. The shaking wasn’t stopping, which could have been because she was in her night clothes and beginning to get cold or due to the fear she felt that someone might walk through the door behind her, so she took one step, then another. It hurt a little as her feet were bare, but she had to move. Getting away from the door was something she had to do, even if no one followed her. She needed to find out where she was and then go from there. At that moment the only thing she knew was that she could never go home.

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

Tags: character: mira, fiction, free fiction, my worlds, the world walkers, walkers, world walkers month, world: raenarin

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