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5. World Creators

This is a list of all the Blue family members who were in control of creating the new worlds, with the number of worlds they created next to them and the names of the worlds they are currently known to have created. As more worlds are named the list will be edited. During the process they were joined by members of other families, but it was down to the Blue family to do almost all the work, as they had the ability to create the worlds.

Riordan – 6 worlds (Kniroch, Beshaki)
Emrys – 5 worlds (Taithmarin, Gaelom, Quiar)
Ianto – 5 worlds (Kankirin)
Bryn – 5 worlds (Janoch)
Torin – 4 worlds
Oscar – 3 worlds (Saethera)
Ruarc – 3 worlds
Sibeal – 3 worlds (Aerith)
Aubrie – 2 worlds (Raenarin)
Piaras – 2 worlds (Siaral)
Anwen – 2 worlds
Saiorse – 1 worlds

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

Tags: bonus material, my worlds, the world walkers, world creators, world walkers month

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