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The World Walkers: Riordan: Making Worlds?

Riordan never thought that their elder would arrive back from the meeting to say that Queen Mab was seriously thinking about allowing them to create new worlds. It was something their family had talked about before, along with a couple of other families, but it was something they thought they would have to work on in secret, at least until Mab was replaced. Everyone he talked to wanted it to happen sooner rather than later, because she had made mistakes that couldn’t be forgiven. He thought differently. Forgiving his Queen wasn’t something he thought he was going to be able to do, as he’d lost too many people he’d cared about, but he didn’t think they should push her out of her position without giving her a chance to repair the damage she had done.

Shaking his head, Riordan told himself to focus on what he was meant to be doing. Even if Mab said no to their plan they were going to make a start on what needed to be done. Most of the older fae had… he sighed, running a hand through his hair. As the magic of their home had faded into nothing so had many of the people he’d looked up to. They needed to make sure that it would never happen again. Unfortunately, no one knew quite why it had happened. It was obviously because of the fae, as they had been the only race on their old world, but they didn’t have enough information on what exactly had caused the problem.

There were many who thought, still, that it had just been bad luck. It could have happened to anyone. Riordan didn’t agree. When Willow left, taking her fae with her, there had been a time when it seemed as though things were getting better. Mab thought that she’d made the right decision and the elders agreed with her, because none of them believed that they really were using up the magic they relied on. Once it failed again it happened faster than before, killing hundreds before they could even think about what to do next, but by the next day everyone who survived was on Athare.

Now it was just a case of making sure the magic of Athare didn’t fail. Riordan agreed that their only option was to create new worlds with new races, because they could replace the magic that they had used, as there wasn’t time to work anything else out. If he’d had a choice he would have studied the magic and found out why the magic had failed in the first place, before making any decisions. There was every chance that creating the new worlds, using Athare’s limited well of magic, could just destroy Athare, instead of working the way the fae needed it to.

Tapping his finger on the table, Riordan thought of who was going to be asked to work as world creators. He knew, without any doubt, that he would be one of them. It was his experiment they were basing the whole idea on, after he’d created a small town, with the help of one of his close friends, in a box. Now they wanted to create whole worlds and he didn’t know if it could work. Part of him wanted it to work, but there was a tiny voice in the back of his mind telling him that the whole thing was wrong.

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