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4. Allies and Enemies within the Thirteen families

With the help of Elizabeth Barrette I’ve created an allies and enemies list for the thirteen families. As I’ve said before the magics that is beside the family colour is their specialisation, which doesn’t mean they are unable to do other magics, but does depend on who their allies and enemies are. If you take the Yellow family as an example you will often find that some members can create inanimate objects, thanks to a close relationship with the Blue family, but they are unlikely to find a member with the ability to use writing magic as they view the Black family as enemies.

Once the World Creation Council is created some of the fae find their ties to their family loosening and instead ally with the Council, which is why many went on to join the World Walkers Council when it was created. However family ties are still the most important thing to most of the fae living on Athare and soon after the families come together to make the decision that their best plan of action is to create new worlds to use as magic gathering devices they find themselves uncomfortable with the same idea, so they split into smaller settlements allowing themselves greater control over who they spend time with. The WCC and the WWC have their bases in the original settlement the fae created.

Yellow (creates animate objects) – allies: blue; orange; brown
enemies: white; black; grey

Blue (creates inanimate objects) – allies: yellow; green; white
enemies: brown; silver; gold

Green (door magic) – allies: blue; white; brown
enemies: orange; yellow; purple

White (mechnical magic) – allies: blue; green; black
enemies: yellow; brown; silver

Brown (dream magic) – allies: green; red; orange
enemies: blue; white; purple

Red (enchantment) – allies: brown; purple; orange
enemies: Mab; black; white

Purple (potions) – allies: red; orange; silver
enemies: gold; Mab; white

Black (writing magic) – allies: white; brown; Mab
enemies: yellow; silver; grey

Silver (elemental magic) – allies: yellow; brown; purple
enemies: Mab; red; black

Gold (time) – allies: green; orange; silver
enemies: purple; grey; Mab

Grey (stone) – allies: Mab; white; black
enemies: orange; purple; gold

Orange (transformational magic) – allies: red; brown; purple
enemies: blue; white; grey

Mab (paper) – allies: black; orange; blue
enemies: gold; silver; purple

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

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