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Being the Author: Feelings

In the last couple of days I’ve been working with LJ user ysabetwordsmith (otherwise known as Elizabeth Barrette) on a new world for the World Walkers collection and I’m feeling a little… bemused, maybe. I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. As Elizabeth is a published author (both traditonally and non-traditionally) I never expected her to get so involved with the work I’m doing, because to begin with I wasn’t sure that my writing was good enough, even though I have had people enjoy reading my work before (as they were school friends and I thought it was possible they were just pretending due to our friendship). Now she has, by collecting credits and prompting stories, by prompting at every session, by posting about the work I do regularly, and as I mentioned before by creating a new world, I’m ecstatic, but also… I can’t quite believe it’s happened.

Having someone there as a cheerleader has been wonderful and I have gained new readers thanks to all the posting she’s done. Having someone wanting to read what I write has made me want to write more and it’s because of her I created the donor filter, so more people can read what I’ve written without it needing to be publicly posted. Without Elizabeth my crowdfunding experiment would never have worked and, even though I’m not making money the way I hope to in the future, I really think, for me, it has worked. I love writing even more than I did before. Having a new world to write stories for, created by someone who has read and loved my work, reminds me of why I put so much effort into making everything open for my readers, so they can create characters, settings, and really get involved, if they wish to.

I know I’ve written about Elizabeth before, and I probably will again, because it’s hard to get my head around how involved she has become, when she’s traditionally published. That probably sounds totally illogical, because personally I don’t much want to be traditionally published (except under certain circumstances), but knowing she’s been through the whole gauntlet and yet is still happy to get behind a new crowdfunded writer from the UK, who doesn’t have any intention of dealing with traditional publishing. I’m more than grateful for everything she’s done to help, because I never saw it coming, and now I want to show her how much the help means by making the stories I’ll be writing for her new world as good as they can be.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for everything you’ve done to help.

Thank you for putting in the time to create such a detailed new world for me to explore and generally helping with the World Walkers collection.

Crowdfunding isn’t an easy path, any more than traditional publishing is. It’s a lot of work, and at the moment I’m not getting much for it, but I never expected to during the first year. I love what I’m doing, but it’s not a path that everyone should take, especially the way I’ve done it. Without Elizabeth I think I probably would have given up, because I had no reason to carry on, but having one reader, one very vocal reader, gives me that reason, so I will keep writing, I will make sure that people can get involved in what I do, and I don’t plan on stopping.

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