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2. Athare

On arrival the fae named their new home Athare. It was one of very few worlds with enough magic to sustain a settlement of the fae for any period of time, but they had no idea how long it would last, and as they were unable to live without using magic a solution had to be found. That is why Athare became the home first of the World Creation Council, because the fae’s solution was to create new worlds using the magic within Athare in the hope that any new races would be able to recharge their own worlds and Athare in a way the fae couldn’t, and later the World Walkers Council, after the birth of the first true walker.

Although the thirteen families made the decision together that their only real solution was to follow through with the suggestion of the Yellow and Blue families, even though many believed that it was the only way they could experiment with their families abilities’, the families soon fell back into old habits. To begin with all they all lived in the same place, but once their worries about magic faded the families started creating their own settlements, allowing their allies in and keeping their enemies out. When Mab stepped down as queen the familes decided against electing another. On their new world there was no need for a queen.

It took time for the Blue family to create new worlds, so the Yellow family began by creating three new races to live on Athare. Most of the fae were against this, but knew that it was something that needed to be done, if they were going to live their lives in the way they were used to. Each race was placed on a different continent, keeping them far away from the continent the fae lived on, but the Yellow family kept a close eye on them, making sure they were safe from anyone who might decide to destroy them.

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

Tags: athare, bonus material, my worlds, the world walkers, world walkers month

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