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(April, May, June, July, and) August Round-Up

The last round-up I posted was on the first of April, so this is going to include everything from April onwards. April actually wasn’t that bad a month for me, until my partner contacted me to ask me to move in with him due to some problems with his family and soon we found ourselves desperately searching for somewhere to live. We stayed with my family for a time, but that wasn’t a permanent solution, and now we’re renting a room, which is working out pretty well. It still isn’t a permanent solution, unfortunately, but it gives us some time to work things out.

I did purchase a license for Scrivener, which is working out very well; the website is almost entirely completed, apart from a few little things I need to do; the donor filter is ready; and I have a schedule for the next few months. All in all I’m happy with the work I’ve done in the time I had, but I really wish I hadn’t lost a couple of months because I had no internet access. At the moment I’m focusing on writing and sending off stories I haven’t been able to work on, as well as posting up new stories with the 100 stories thing I’m doing and some world building information.

In the last few months I posted April’s free story, Introducing Kestrel, from Heliopath’s World; stories for January’s prompt session – Gabriel: Finding a Friend, Alice: A Chinese Vampire, Anna: Moving On, Electra: Meeting a Rabbit, Archer: Travelling to Gaelom, Magda: Candlemas, Lorna: The Promise of Seeds, and Harrison: Learning to Control Fire; stories for April’s character focused prompts session – Garion: Finding a Beaten Vampire, Jack: Searching for Someone, Zoe: Meeting the Nox Gadael, Conall: In the Moon Garden with Sophia, Opal: Talking to Margery, and Caitlyn: Guiding a War Veteran; the first 18 of the 100 stories – Rynne: Living in the ‘Astral’, Kara: Life and Death, Nick: Waiting for Alice, Joel: Meeting Anna (Pagan AU), Brooke: First Day on Thear (Thear AU), Kara: A Conversation with Lucas (Brotherhood AU), Rafe: The Vampire Nightclub, Marnie: Becoming a part of the Carne (Magi AU), Rex: Saving Melody, Kara: Meeting Daniel, Tabitha: Travelling to Thear (Thear AU), Daniel: Turning Back Time, Amber: Amber’s Choices (‘Astral’ World AU), Evelyn: A Planet Outside the Window (Thear AU), Rebecca: Ace’s Deal, Meredith: Talking to Conrad, Beatrice: Auctions, and Lexi’s Story; two random stories Abigail’s Story and Clio’s Story; one author aside; and some world building posts, focusing on the world walker’s collection – World Walkers Worlds (created by me), World Walkers world building, More World Walkers world building, Yet More World Walkers world building, and World Walkers world building: Taithmarin.

Two stories were sponsored by LJ user ysabetwordsmith – John Good Road: John’s First Visit to the Donor House and John Good Road: A Conversation with Alice.

No draws will be held this month, but next month anyone who comments or links to my work will be entered into a surprise draw. The prize will, of course, be a surprise.

Plans for September: post once a day for World Walkers month; send off more outstanding stories; go through the spotlights and post anything outstanding; and post more of the 100 stories.

Goals for September: write at least 50,000 words and receive at least £50 in donations.

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