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Information for donors


There will be up to eight free stories posted each month. On the first of the month one story will be posted even if I don't get any donations and then for every £5 in donations I receive I will post another story until we reach the magic number eight. I will choose the first story and then the remaining stories will be chosen by my readers.

If I write a story that is unconnected to any of my current collections then that will also be posted as a free story. In this case if people would like to see more of the story line then all they have to do is comment on that story and I will write at least 1,000 words more for it, up to a limit of 10,000 words not including the already posted words. After this any stories I write that are connected to it will be available for sponsorship.


All other stories will be available for sponsorship. Every 1,000 words of story will cost £1.50, so a 4,000 word story will cost £6.00 and a 15,000 word story will cost £22.50 to have the whole story posted. Once I have 1,000 words fully sponsored I will post them, unless the story is 1,500 words or shorter and in this case I will need the full payment. If there is more to come then I will put a 'to be continued...' at the end. If there is a specific story that you want your money to go towards then let me know and give me a second choice in case the first is fully sponsored. If you don't wish to pick a story then let me know and the money will go into the general fund. At the end of the month there will be a poll for all donors to see which story or stories the money will go towards. Unless the sponsors wish to remain anonymous their name will be added to the top of the story (eg. this story was sponsored by Michelle/Twilight27 and Lisa/FireQueen).

It is also possible to donate simply because you like reading my work. If you'd like to do this then just let me know in the Paypal notes. You can tell me if it was for a specific story, a specific collection, or simply because you enjoyed reading something and wanted to let me know.


All donors will be entered into a raffle to win a free story, of at least 1000 words, which will be posted under the tag: winner's story. Your name will also be posted on a thank you page, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

If you donate £3 in any month then you will be added to the donor filter for a month.

If you donate £50 in a year then you can choose a collection and I will email all the stories written that year to you in your choice of PDF, epub or mobi format.

If you donate £100 in a year then I will email you all the stories written during the year in your choice of PDF, epub or mobi format.


If you're money-less but would still like to be involved then feel free to signal boost and let me know. Everyone who is involved in signal boosting will be entered into a raffle to win a free story of their choice. This story will be posted under the tag: winner's story

You can also collect credits (LJ link).
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If anyone spots a typo on a story then they be able to choose between receiving a month's free character adoption at the lowest level (1000 - 2000 words on one character); having a story written based on a prompt of their choice, which may or may not be posted on the prompts post including prompts that I have already written a story for; or having one piece of bonus material published.

You might want to make this benefit applicable for more than one typo because otherwise ysabetwordsmith and I are owed a lot of characters / stories!

I need to edit that now that the credits system has been implemented permanently. That was what came before the credit system and I came to the conclusion that my fingers couldn't cope with all that typing. I've just needed the time to focus on writing, so I don't always have a chance to go back and edit things.


Just catching stuff as a copyeditor… ;-p

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