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If you have a story you would like to see written then this is the post you should use to let me know. Is there a specific storyline you would like to see continued, an AU you'd like to see written, or see a story from another character's point of view? Would you like to see two characters from different worlds come together or would you like to throw a character into a different world just to see what happens? I will attempt to write a story of at least 1000 words for as many prompts as I can, send a copy of the story to the prompter (at which point it may be unedited), and then the story will be available to sponsor or be posted as a free story. I'm happy to try to write anything that you may come up with but I'm not promising that everything will work out, especially if you are interested in non-canon pairings. For every story that is written from a prompt I will name the prompter at the top of the story (eg. this story was prompted by Jenny/Queenie1286) unless they want to remain anonymous (eg. this story was written from a prompt).

Don't know what you want to see written but still want to get involved? Post me a number, any number between 1 and 25, and I'll write you a story on the character that currently has that number. You can ask for an AU (eg. AU 13, which may be something like an AU Kara) or you can give me two numbers to see a relationship built up between any two characters from any two collections (eg. 2 and 23, which could be Amber and Richard). This way anything you receive will be entirely random and may end up being entirely illogical but a lot of fun.

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