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July 2014 Round-Up

Those of you who read June’s round up will know that I was going to try something I wasn’t sure I was going to be capable of – writing 150,000 words in a month. Last time I did NaNoWriMo I did complete it in nine days, so I knew, theoretically, it was possible, but that didn’t mean I would be able to do it. Especially as day care has been getting busier and busier. My total word count at the time I went to bed was 177,445, which included 80,000 words posted here, 20,000 words posted at Patreon, 25,000 for the novellas, and all of the adoption/rental stories that I owed people. Of course now that I’ve found that 150,000 words is actually rather easy I want to challenge myself again, so I’m thinking of attempting 200,000 words in November, although I am going to wait and see what happens before then before I make a decision.

Yesterday I spent most of the day posting. This is something I won’t be doing again, but I found myself putting off the majority of that job until the end of the month, which meant I ended up posting, I think, about 25,000 words of fiction. I did realise there are several stories that need renaming, do I’ll be doing that at some point this month, as well as working on getting the collections that aren’t yet sorted all nice and easy to read. I will be having a couple of days off, first, though, to do some other things that need doing. The plan for tomorrow is to have a nice sort out of our room, as James has some time off and will be using it to work on the car, because I want to get everything in order. Our work/sleep schedules aren’t great for getting things done sometimes.

Next month will be quieter. I’m still going to be posting 20,000 words of exclusive fiction to Patreon and 40,000 words of fiction here, not including Case – with the focus being Thear and the Magi.

Fiction posted:
The Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments: part 9, 109th continuation; part 9, 110th continuation; part 9, 111th continuation; part 9, 112th continuation; part 9, 113th continuation; part 9, 114th continuation; part 9, 115th continuation; and part 9, 116th continuation.
Free: Arkal: Art: Freedom (part 3)
Arkal: Enid: An Early Morning Surprise (part 3)
Aesurn: Jessica: Stepping Into A Story (part 2)
Earth: Theo: Travelling to Earth (part 2)
Earth: Tybalt: Travelling to Earth (part 2)
Earth: Alena: Travelling to Earth (part 2)
Earth: Rosalind: Spellbound (part 2)
Earth: Adrian: The Coffee Shop (part 6)
Fae School: Kaylyn: Finding the School (part 2)
Fae School: Colton: Finding the School (part 2)
Fae School: Rose: Finding the School (part 2)
Fae School: Iantha: Entering the School (part 2)
Donor House: Melody: Becoming a Vampire (part 3)
Donor House: Ethan: One Careful Owner (part 2)
Donor House: Katie: The Offer of a Vampire Loan Shark (part 2)
Donor House: Living with a Vampire (part 3)
Donor House: Taryn: Rescued (part 3)
Taithmarin: Joel: Stepping Onto Taithmarin (part 2)
Taithmarin: Matt: Arriving (part 6)
Taithmarin: Luna: The Book Portal (part 5)
Taithmarin: Siobhan: Stepping Onto Taithmarin (part 2)
Eorith: Luke: The First Arrival (part 2)
Eorith: Kristen: Waking Up (part 6)
Athare: Mab: Mab’s Story (part 2)
Athare: Riordan: Making Worlds? (part 3)
Athare: Bronwen: Plans
Athare: Bryn: Talking to Emrys
Athare: Oscar: Talking to Emrys
Athare: Ianto: Talking to Mab (part 2)
Athare: Piaras: Talking with Mairin (part 3)
Athare: Sibeal: Looking Back
Athare: Lorelei: Travelling Through Time (part 2)
Athare: Frane: An Uncomfortable Landing (part 3)
Athare: Glyn: A Door to an Unexpected Place (part 2)
Athare: Electra: Meeting a Rabbit (part 6)
Athare: Lucille: Becoming a World Walker (part 2)
Athare: Jetta: Saved by Cough Medicine (part 3)
Kankirin: Elodie: Recording Souls (part 2)
Unknown World: Thalia: Meeting the King (part 5)
Aerith: Guinevere: Walking Into A Trap (part 5)
Siaral: Jason: Wish Magic (part 2)
Kniroch: Panthea: Back on Kniroch (part 2)
Athare: Mab: Mab’s Story (part 3)
Athare: Mairin: Talking to Bronwen
Athare: Aidan: Talking to Eithne
Athare: Lucille: Becoming A World Walker (part 3)
Labyrinth: Lance: Landing in Labyrinth (part 4)
Gaelom: Aurelia: Training (part 2)
Avaera: Kiara: Magical Multiplicity (part 2)
Konoran: Clio: Running (part 3)
Jadir: Sasha: Making a Decision (part 2)
Shael: Malandra: Sanctuary (part 2)
Iliria: Kalena: Returning (part 2)
Pendragon: Clara: Declining an Inheritance (part 3)
Kankirin: Tanis: Escaping (part 4)
Kankirin: Lexi: On Kankirin (part 2)
Donor House: Cate: First Visit to the Donor House (part 2)
Donor House: Jean-Luc: First Visit to the Donor House (part 4)
Donor House: Nick: Autumn (part 2)
Donor House: Alice: A Halloween Surprise
Donor House: Kisten: First Visit to the Donor House (part 2)
Donor House: Garion: Finding a Beaten Vampire (part 2)
Kalinia: Pandora: The Creation of the Fae
Valatar: Anais: Waking Up
Kalinia: Meriel: The Arrival of the Fae
Kalinia: Dietrich: On Kalinia
Kalinia: Fen: The Arrival of the Fae
Quindil: Murphy: The Arrival of the Griffins
Quindil: Meira: Talking to Liesel
Kalinia: Aeron: Creating the Dragons (part 5)
Kalinia: Mira: The Curse (part 4)
Kalinia: Sabia: Talking to Idwal (part 2)
Kalinia: Idwal: How to Change the Past (part 3)
Tuloch: Isibeal: Dreaming (part 2)
Kalinia: Christophe: A Strange Man with a Strange Offer (part 2)
Kalinia: Jackson: The Thieves’ School (part 2)
Kalinia: Max: Being a Thief (part 2)
Kalinia: Rae: No Escape (part 2)
Kalinia: Rynne: Living on the Other World (part 2)
Unknown World: Sini: Meeting Riordan (part 2)
Unknown World: Adara: Raining Mushroons (part 4)
Unknown World: Sophie: Listening to an Argument (part 3)
Unknown world: Bellona: Arguing with Anatoliy (part 2)
Kankirin: Rhiannon: Working with Osbourne (part 2)
AU Taithmarin: Anna: Stepping Onto Another World (part 7)
Taithmarin’s Earth: Maria: Returning to Earth (part 2)
Taithmarin’s Earth: Amy: Losing Someone (part 2)
Thear: Maeve: Moving (part 3)
Thear: Bree: Meeting Quinn (part 3)
AU Thear: Cassian: When Fishing Becomes a Rescue (part 2)
AU Thear: Brooke: First Day on Thear (part 4)
AU Thear: Tabitha: Travelling to Thear (part 3)
AU Thear: Evelyn: A Planet Outside the Window (part 4)
Deities’ World: Papa Legba: Choosing to Connect (part 5)
AU Kim’s Earth: Joel: Meeting Anna (part 3)
Kim’s Earth: Bethany: Waking Up (part 6)
Kim’s Earth: Finn: Helping (part 4)
Kim’s Earth: Lauren: A Change of Ownership (part 5)
Outside Ildieu: Quartz: Dreaming of Family (part 3)
Outside Ildieu: Dale: Taking Charge (part 3)
Ildieu: Jasper: The Arrival of Kestrel (part 5)
Ildieu: Benedict: Studying (part 3)
AU The Brotherhood: Kara: A Conversation with Lucas (part 3)
AU The Brotherhood: Daniel: Turning Back Time (part 6)
The Brotherhood: Kara: Meeting Daniel (part 3)
The Brotherhood: Kara: Life and Death (part 2)
The Brotherhood: Jasmine: Followed (part 3)
Atecia: Opal: Talking to Margery (part 8)
Haerith: Xavia: Making a Decision (part 7)
Ialaera: Mirica: A Thief in the House (part 11)
Ialaera: Jillian: Hunted (part 6)
Ialaera: Mackenzie: The Thieves’ Hideout (part 6)
Konir: Amelia: Going Underground (part 3)
Konir: Clay: Making an Informed Decision (part 5)
Patreon Exclusives (to read these donate $1 or more at my Patreon account): Athare: Emrys: Stepping Onto Athare
Ildieu: Malachi: Creating the Black Hollow
Donor House: Alice: The First Vampire
Atecia: Sauin: Talking to the Dead
The Magi: Lachlan: Talking to Marnie
Pagan: Rose: Changes
Thear: Hecate: Being a Thearan Deity
Donor House: Monty: Vampire T.V.
Kim’s Earth: Jamie: The Supermarket
Earth: Sebastian: Changes
Deities’ World: Nyx: Telling Stories

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