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1) Donor House: Are there non-addicted humans who enjoy feeding vampires?

2) World Walkers: What kinds of magic-based weapons have people made?

3) Afterlife: How do people get a message or anything else from one religiously-themed section of the Afterlife to another? Because that's kind of like trying to go from PC to Mac.

Donor House --

Is there a layout/diagram/description of the House yet? (I've looked through the writings and can find only snippets.)

How big a hotel was it? How extensive (or cramped) are the grounds?

Who does the cooking? Does it rotate through the donors, has one person pretty much taken it on, is it each for zerself?

How many vampires would a donor be expected to feed per day? Is there a rotation, choice, or chance? If someone is passed up for several days in a row, what would happen?

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