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The Deities’ World: Lucifer: Halloween (part 2)

Part 1

“Luc, you’ve been there for me as much, if not more, as I have for you.” Their eyes met. “There are times when I didn’t think I’d be able to keep going and then you turned up with your encouraging smile to talk about whatever was worrying me.”

“True, but you have to deal with this every year.” Lucifer shook his head, feeling stupid that he kept letting Halloween get to him. “If it were anyone else they’d have walked away a long time ago.” He sighed. “They have done in the past.”

“I’m just thankful I’m not like those idiots.”


“Don’t stick up for them. Anyone who walked away from you because you have trouble dealing with the knowledge that one of the races you’ve always wanted to connect with still view you as evil was stupid. We have emotions that sometimes get the better of us and I know how important Earth is to you, so having to look after you one day in a year isn’t exactly something I think of as too much to ask for.”

Lucifer smiled. “You’re biased.”

“Just because I love you don’t mean I’m biased.”

As his smile grew Lucifer picked up one of the steaming mugs of hot chocolate still sat on the counter. “I love you too.” He sipped on the sugary goodness Archimedes had made for him and felt it heat him all the way to his feet. “And your ever wonderful hot chocolate.”

“Mum wants to know if you’re going to come over for dinner tonight.”

“I don’t know.” Lucifer bit his lip. “I was thinking I might try to connect with someone tonight and that’s not going to happen if I go to your mum’s for dinner.”

Archimedes smiled. “I’m glad you get on so well with my family.”

“Hades and Persephone accepted me in a way I never believed would ever happen. I was always seen as a little bit strange because of my position within Earth mythology, but they looked past that and saw the real me. The same way you did.”

“Who do you think taught me to be open minded, Luc? One of the things both Mum and Dad have always taught us is that we shouldn’t ever believe the stories we hear about the deities, unless we hear them from the deities themselves, because there is so much that can go wrong between the deity and the person they’re telling their story to.”

“I’m glad they did, Archie.” Lucifer sipped his hot chocolate again. “My life would have been much emptier if we’d never met.”

“Talking about empty…” Archimedes ran a hand through his hair. “Mum wants to give you a puppy. They’ve already given one away and now they’re thinking about what to do with the other one. Loki said if they can’t find anyone else he’d take the puppy on, but he already has Fenrir and isn’t certain how the wolf would get on with a three-headed puppy.”

Mirrored from K. A. Webb Writing.

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