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March 2013 Raffle

February Raffle Winner: Elizabeth (LJ and DW user ysabetwordsmith), who wins 10400 words.

In February I only had two entrants to the raffle, but between them they managed to increase the prize fund nearly as much as the three entrants did in January. My aim is still to reach five entrants for the raffle.

Enter this raffle in one of three ways: comment on any piece of fiction; link to any story, no matter when they were published (this includes Twitter retweets and Facebook shares); or use credits – 2 credits = 1 entry. There no limit on the number of times any one person can enter, so feel free to enter as many times as you like.

The base prize is 5000 words. For every comment I’ll add 100 words; for every link I’ll add 250 words; and for every entry purchased with credits I’ll add 500 words. If I have five entrants I’ll add a second prize; if I have ten entrants I’ll add a third prize; and if I have twenty entrants I’ll draw three winners who’ll receive a free character adoption or setting rental.

I’ll run the raffle for a week from today, so it will end on the 22nd.

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