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The World Walkers: Labyrinth: Lance: Landing in Labyrinth (part 2)

Part 1

“Welcome to Labyrinth,” the rabbit said, smiling at Lance. “I’m Dunstan and I will be your guide for today.”

Lance stared at the rabbit… at Dunstan, trying to work out what had happened. “Labyrinth?” Lance asked, unable to believe he’d found himself on a world that no even the Walkers could get to.

“It happens. Doors are unpredictable and if they think you’re living in the wrong place… well, this is what happens. There are others of your kind here, so I can take you to one of the nearest settlements, and after that it’s up to you what happens.”

“Even though I’ll never be able to go home.”

“There are doors that lead to Kniroch, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use them. I can’t and I was born on Labyrinth.” Dunstan shrugged. “Sometimes things happen that we have no choice over. All you can do now, if you aren’t someone who can use the doors, is build yourself a new life the same way the others have.”

“Build a new life?” Lance shook his head. “I have a life, I have a family, I have friends…” He did his best not to let his anger get the better of him, but it wasn’t easy. “How am I meant to put that all behind me? How am I meant to be able to build a new life?”

“I don’t know. It’s not something I’ve ever had to do. There are people who have and if you’ll follow me I can take you to them.”

As Dunstan started making his way down the muddy tunnel Lance’s only option was to follow him. He didn’t want to, he wanted to find a way to get home, but the likelihood of finding some way of getting home was low. Stories were told on all the worlds about people who disappeared, people who were forced to make new lives, and he’d never believed it would happen to him… no one ever did. Sighing, he looked around himself at the world he’d found himself on. Labyrinth. Of all worlds it was the one where he was going to spend the rest of his life underground.

Other rabbits carried on working, not stopping for a moment to look at Lance. He wasn’t certain if it was due to the lack of light or if new arrivals were normal on Labyrinth, and he wasn’t comfortable asking Dunstan, because talking to a rabbit was easily the strangest thing he’d had to do. Running a hand through his hair he tried not to think about what his family would be going through when they realised he’d gone missing, but that was something that was hard to do. All he could do was think about his mum, and his dad, and his sisters, who’d never know what happened to him. Unless…

“Is there some way of contacting my family?” Lance asked, hoping that Dunstan would know.

“People from Kniroch travel here all the time, so when someone turns up you can pass on a note to them. There’s no guarantee it will get to where you want it to go, unfortunately, but it’s worth a try.”

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