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This is utterly fascinating.

Talking to a world ... it's fun, it's enlightening, but they are very alien minds compared to a finite mortal person.

I spent much of the movie Avatar thinking, "This plot needs more beetles. There should totally be a plague of beetles destroying the human base. Or slime mold." And instead it was all photogenic megafauna.

At least they knock! This was fascinating, by the way. It reminds me a little of how the supposed possible paradoxes in the Who-niverse are explained there.

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At least they... Did you say something?

(Scribble, scribble. Pause. Riffle of pages.)

Knock, knock!

Who's there?


What? Who said that?


Is there somebody at the door?

You asked.

What do you mean, I asked?


(Riffle of pages. Scribble, scribble.)

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