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The Fae World: Idwal: How to Change the Past

Part 1

“Why?” the female from the back asked, sounding as though she knew the answer but felt the need to ask for those who didn’t.

“The problem with what we’re doing is that we can’t be sure what effect each change will have on the Earth,” Idwal explained, trying to start from the beginning in order to make things easier for himself, “so it’s likely we’ll end up creating more alternatives that wouldn’t be suitable for the fae and I’m certain we won’t be the only people affecting the future of the world. We decided that it was best not to, but others with our ability didn’t make the same choice. That means that when they go searching for an Earth to travel to they might not find a safe one. Earth is a world that is wonderful to change, because there are so many options. If you take, for example, when Anne Boleyn was executed there are several ways that we could change the future of Earth.”

“By saving her life,” the male at the front suggested.

“How?” Idwal smiled. “We could save her life by having Henry Tudor send her to a convent and that would change the future in one way. We could save her life by stopping the trial from happening at all and that would change the future in a different way. We could help her disappear and that would change the future in another way. If we help her disappear do we allow her to take Elizabeth, because that would change the future in yet another way.”

As Idwal looked around the room it was easy to see who was most likely to stay and work with him. It was good to see it included the female at the back, who he wished he had a name for, because she appeared to be one of the best people for the job. Two others who had begun, it appeared, to scribble notes in a book also seemed like they’d be good. When his eyes met those of the male at the front, another he wished he knew the name of, they smiled at each other.

“Anyone who feels uncomfortable with what we’re planning on doing is free to leave whenever they want,” Idwal said, giving them an out, and was sad to see one of his favourite students leaving with an apology in her eyes. Once the disruption was over Idwal continued, “What I want to do, because the Queen would like regular reports about our plans and how we affect the Earth.”

“Are you certain this is our only option?” a female voice from near the window asked.

“Yes, I am. I’ve talked to several seers who have all told me that the fae will end up on Earth. The Earth that exists right now isn’t right for them, so we need to make at least one I’m comfortable with in order to give them a safe place to live.”

“Why does it matter so much to you that they find the ‘right’ Earth?”

Mirrored from K. A. Jones Writing.

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>>“What I want to do, because the Queen would like regular reports about our plans and how we affect the Earth.”<<

This sounds incomplete.

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